The Great Retro Quiz! .20: Star Fox


Do you remember playing the Super Nintendo Entertainment System classic Star Fox for the first time? I was (and still am?) obsessed with the game and really thought it had some of the most amazing graphics I had ever seen. From my fuzzy recollection, I think I would yell things like “3D is the future! THE FUTURE!” while playing, usually followed by an abundance of tears streaming down my smiling face.

How good is your memory of this seminal shooter? Do the simple-in-hindsight graphics blur together in your mind, or can you still recall each and every polygonal alien and sprite-based asteroid you encountered? Take this week’s quiz to find out.

Since this is the Great Retro Quiz’s big 2-0, there is a prize this week! Just leave your answers in the comments and whoever gets the most right will win a 2000 point Wii Shop Channel gift card (in the event of a tie, the trusty random hat drawing will make a reappearance -- tie breaker questions stress me out). Check my community blog tomorrow (1/31) for the results.

Perform a quick warm-up barrel roll, hit the jump, and ... good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz! .20
: Star Fox
Number of questions: 25
Difficulty: Normal

1. What is the name of the fancy coprocessor chip used to create Star Fox's revolutionary graphics?
a. Blast Processing
b. Mode 7
c. Super FX
d. Super FX 2

2. Star Fox takes place in what massive star system?
a. Beltino
b. Lylat
c. Lyssa
d. Cerinia

Name the planet!

3. Corneria
4. Fortuna
5. Macbeth
6. Titania

Control scheme A is selected. Quick, hit the correct corresponding button!

7. Brake!
8. Nova Bomb!
9. Boost!
10. Blaster!

11. What word flashes on the screen during the opening takeoff sequence?
a. Scramble
b. Fight
c. Engage
d. Alert

12. Which of the below Star Fox sectors would earn you the most points in Scrabble?
a. X
b. Y
c. Z

Match the Cornerian Defense Force member with one of his famous (and often repeated) lines:

13. “Mind your own business, Fox!”
14. “Good luck!”
15. “Get lost, you fiend!”
16. “So far, so g-g-good!”

17. Initially, how many Nova Bombs does Fox’s Arwing come equipped with?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3

HUD memories! Shield or booster charge?

18. Shield
19. Booster charge

20. Do you remember your Star Fox bosses? Which of the below is the guardian of Macbeth?

21. Which of the below rings serves as a stage’s checkpoint?

22. Fox McCloud has a major gambling problem. Because of its final boss, which of the below stages does the sad and desperate vulpine like to visit most?
a. The Black Hole
b. Out of this Dimension
c. Sector Z
d. Meteor

23. You just earned a credit, allowing you to continue once all lives have been lost. What did you do exactly?
a. Finished a stage with undamaged wingmen
b. Destroyed a boss without getting hit once
c. Earned 10,000 points
d. Flew through a special ring

24. Which of the below accessories should Star Fox’s final boss wear in order to ensure a much longer life?

25. Speaking of the final boss, what is his name?
a. Star Wolf
b. General Scales
c. Emperor Anglar
d. Andross

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