The fourth Pushmo game is out in Japan, free-to-play


The first three Pushmo games were pretty fantastic, and as of this week, Japan has another entry in the series. It’s called Pushmo: Hippa Land, and it’s a free-to-play release for the 3DS. No, it’s not completely free — it has microtransactions in it.

There are four worlds in all, and with the base package, you can play seven levels in each. 500 yen will net you 100 more levels, and 300 yen will buy you 50 levels. If you pony up 1000 yen, you’ll get everything and a bonus realm. Spending any money unlocks the creation mode, which still has QR support.

All in all it doesn’t seem unreasonable. 1000 yen will likely translate to $10 in the US, which is the price you’d pay for the full game anyway.

Chris Carter
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