The Dtoid community’s best blogs of February 2015

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[The Cblog Recap team’s roundup of the best community blogs returns with a fresh coat of paint and an easier reading format. If you want even more granular data, be sure to check out the sister post, Luna Sy’s community blog analytics. To be a part of this stunning community, try starting your own blog today! -Striderhoang]

A wave of exhaustion hit me as I prepared to assemble the February Cblog recap and within my dreams the community blogs became a sprawling open-world city. The avatars and personas of the bloggers here at Destructoid came to life and occupied it.

In Cblog City, many of the avatars do battle. TheKodu challenged Zombie Orwell to a battle of wits. Bad idea since zombies love brains. Thankfully, Zombie Orwell does not find fairies all that filling and let me be. I also found TheDustinThomas by the city docks where he was suplexing dolphins.

Then I flew back into the city and found StriderHoang as, well, Strider and Nanashi as Travis Touchdown. They were dueling on the city hall rooftop. Let’s just say there was a lot of Wiimote waggle on Nanashi’s side of it and he couldn’t break Strider’s defenses. It was fun to watch. Also, Dreamweaver ran by as Gumball and Luna Sy tried to catch him in a Poké Ball.

Later I found myself with ShadeOfLight and Meanderbot under a tree drinking root beer. 

I guess that was my brain’s way of telling me what the recap team also knew — February was a very productive month for the cblogs and the cblog community has energy to spare. We actually had slightly more activity in February than January and many more promoted blogs. Whether it’s Monthly Musings, Band of Bloggers, trends the community invents, or topics you come up with on your own, it’s often done with enthusiasm.

Sadly, I don’t think January’s recap was condensed as well as it could have been and with more content from February, we’ve had to change the format to monthly recaps substantially and make some cuts to eliminate bulk and repetition. I’m going to explain the changes as we go.

– Pixielated

Promoted Blogs

This is a simple listing of all promoted blogs.

Gush about things you love this month by Luna Sy
Comments of the Week: Rhyme for Reasons by Dreamweaver
Monthly Musing: I Love Arcades by LuckRequired
*How historically accurate is Skyrim? Part 4 by RedHeadPeak
Videogames and military recruitment: Part 1 by The Scholarly Gamer
Kickstarter launched for spiritual successor to EarthBound, Mach Rider, Sim Earth by It’s About To Get Gay In Here
I made my own gaming magazine and I need feedback! by Caspian Whistler
The Dtoid community’s best blogs of January 2015 by CblogRecaps
Disabled Gaming: The time of the Wheelchair Warrior Comes by Claire Sharkey
Comments of the Week: Oh, dream maker.. you heart breaker by Dreamweaver
It’s not Game Over if you select Continue by Tad
Year of the Goat: goats/sheep/rams in videogames by Luna Sy
Comments of the Week: Number five has arrived! by Dreamweaver
Destructoid Forums: The Diabolical Truth by Orlion
Binding of Isaac: 10 tips for making The Lost playthrough easier by Corduroy Turtle
**How historically accurate is Skyrim? Part 5 by RedHeadPeak
**Comments of the Week: Better check the clock… by Dreamweaver

*Originally published in January
**Promoted in March

Monthly Musings: “I Love…”

Since musings, Band of Bloggers, and meme-like trending topics are one-shot topics of a common subject, we’re alphabetizing each contribution by user and linking their submission. For Monthly Musings click the blogger’s subject; in other sections, just click on their name.

Nicole Watterson (Dreamweaver, NSFW)
Super Mario Galaxy (GoofierBrute)
Arcades (LuckRequired, Promoted)
Imagination (Riobux)
Shadow of the Colossus (Scrustle)
Shoji Meguro (SeymourDuncan17)
Wasting money (The Drunken Crow)

Band of Bloggers: Fallout 3/New Vegas

The Scholarly Gamer

Read Band of Bloggers: The Wasteland Recap for a more detailed summary.

Dtoid 9th Anniversary: 9 Dtoiders

ChistClaire Sharkey
Corduroy Turtle*
El Dango
Mighty Hatman*
Nic Rowen
The Scholarly Gamer

*Forum post from this thread: Dtoid’s 9th anniversary thread: Birthday time is here again!

Recap Team Favorites

Here is where our Topsauce gloryhogs go. Maybe one recapper Topsauced someone more than once, or the blog was a favorite between recappers. Either way, we put them here I’ll add a bit of context to why each are here in brief paragraph form.

Keeping this all rather alphabetical, Badbadleeroybrown did a scary thing — he sold his entire game collection and explains how he did it. It was for a good cause though; he wants to teach English in Vietnam!

Bardley has been serving up some videogame ad nostalgia this month, ranging from the early 1980s to the mid-’90s with the SNES! He also told us that he fell for Mjoll the Lioness in Skyrim. D’aww.

Calty Slitorous gave us a near-Let’s Play sort of blog with his experiences with Nihilumbra. Nanashi quite enjoyed that! He also tried out the PC gaming life, which apparently didn’t go well.

While many of us were excited about the release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DGoofierbrute did a rather brave thing — he talked about why he struggled with the game and why he’s less fond of it than others are. He was pretty classy about it, too. We put the torches and pitchforks down.

It’s About To Get Gay In Here brought us his usual brand of humor, this time pertaining to Madden playcalling and Nintendo’s social media problems. Then JoyfulSanity reviewed a Bacon Club Cheeseburger!

Luna Sy couldn’t stop watching Game Center CX and brought us another installment of Google Playgiarism. That really wasn’t Street Fighter IV at all.

Nihil began interviewing Dtoiders about their jobs. One such guy was pretty wry.

Our resident resplendent black grandmother, Occams Electric Toothbrushdiscussed the future of Monthly Musings and shared some things lining the shelves at home.

Before birthing the latest cblog trend, OpiumHerz opened an amiibo dealership.

Pedrovay2003 shared some of his parents’ drawings.

Pixielated had agendas. Wait, that’s me. I had agendas. For one, I found out I could gain superpowers by playing League of Legends. Then I talked about some feminists that frequently obsess about the male gays and Bayonetta. Later, after a hot interview with Princess Zelda, I learned the power of BioWare’s panda rings weren’t at all what I was promised.

Riobux wrote about why scores seldom fall below 5 and offers some ideas on how to improve reviews.

The Scholarly Gamer sang the praises of Dying Light, then ended up debating himself in regards to his promoted blog.

SeymourDuncan17 has a thing for Midna (maybe NSFW). It wasn’t the humanoid one either. That little impy version of her. He also shared his fetishes (NSFW). Giantess Chie Satonaka eating people is a thing on the internet. He also talked about videogames though, and showed us some classic videogame pre-rolls! He also told Neiro “We love you, Dtoid, just the way you are.”

Sometimes the less violent the game, the better it is for it. Shibboleth feels that way about Okami. I seem to remember some brown and gold attacks that were rather harsh though.

StriderHoang talks about his new role as community manager assistant and gives us a tour of the Destructoid forums!

Last, but certainly not least, Voltech is really feeling Xenoblade. Still, similar to Shibboleth, he feels not all games need to be about copious body counts and violence.

Whew. That was a lot. We still have some Topsauce left to cover, though!

The rest of the Topsauce!

These blogs and bloggers only accumulated one mention in Topsauce this month but they’re still some of the best, so enjoy!

Like Riobux, CynricCyning has his own ideas about how reviews should change, partly by doing away with decimals in review scores.

Dimmujed saw some games getting a new lease on life and wonders why we don’t just do more of that with other classics.

Mr. Andy Dixon honors Leonard Nimoy. LLAP.

TheDustinThomas shows off his sweet gaming collection.

Who the heck is Jason Faulkner? Welcome new guy!

Pyramid Head might be iconic within Silent Hill, but Forgotten Bastion quite clearly remembers the Abstract Daddy!

Handy feels these eight things need to go away in games. 

LordSpencer writes a very nice review for Super Castlevania IV.

Meanderbot returns with a comic and enthusiasm for Metro 2033. He likes all those fancy, creative guns it has — so much he does away with discretion after a while.

OverlordZetta talks about gaming burnout and his experience with it. Meanwhile, Roberto Plankton wants to collect all the things and RedHeadPeak explores and discusses the many ways we die in games.

Segastardust looks at the weird and sordid history of DDI since Ninjabread Man. SnesTalks talks about a unique trip to Seattle and SpielerDad advises us to not spend Valentine’s Day at GameStop.

Tarmack looks at the problems of promises and Peter Molyneux.

Brittany Vincent also stopped by the community blogs to to make some hentai suggestions and Zombie Orwell told us how Destructoid would end. I guess it’s all over now.

And that’s a wrap!

-The Cblog Recap Team

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