The Daily Hotness: Zombie blenders

Today has been all about Dead Rising 2. It was finally shown off in all of its glory and I feel like it’s my game of the show for Tokyo Game Show. All the new weapons and the multiplayer mode just look awesome. Also, you can put blenders onto the head of a zombie and blend their head. If that’s not awesome then I don’t know what is.

More booth babes, more previews, more merch, more news and more media came your way from the land of the rising sun. Check out everything we had to offer for you on 09/25/09.

TGS 09 Originals:
Look at all this sweet swag you can buy
Patching older 360 games to work with Natal not possible
The best part of Tokyo Game Show is…
Day 2 booth babe bevy
Q-Games says new games every 6-8 months
Dead Rising 2’s one-of-a-kind jacket prize
Ceiling punching game requires whacking motions
Keiji Inafune dumps on Tokyo Game Show 2009
Alienware is turning Japanese
Watch us put zombie heads in blenders in Dead Rising 2
I really want to hate Project Natal
Professor Layton plushies are coming!

TGS 09 Previews:
Dead Rising 2 totally has machinegun wheelchairs
Hands on with PixelJunk Shooter
Dead Rising 2’s multiplayer is American Gladiators… with zombies
The weapons of Dead Rising 2
What I liked about Final Fantasy XIII
What I didn’t like about Final Fantasy XIII
Valkyria Chronicles 2 is a worthy successor
Hands on with Nier Gestalt
Hands on with Tales of Graces

TGS 09 News:
Epic Games is opening a Tokyo studio

TGS 09 Media: 
Frank West, Tekkaman Blade TvC gameplay videos
Heavy Rain has boobies, borrows from True Lies
More crazy footage of 0 Day Attack on Earth
New trailer for Nier Gestalt is sexy and bloody
Assassin’s Creed II vid explores Ezio’s ‘purpose’
Forza 3 Fujimi Kaido downhill drift trailer
White Knight Chronicles 2 trailer

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Destructoid Originals:
READY TO FRIDAY: Operation Nugget
Art Attack Friday: The Braid that almost was part 2: Foes
Defense Force: Bias
Friday Night Fights: All about Firefight edition
Fanboy Friday: TGS Stupidity Extravaganza


The Forgotten: Battletoads on the go and in the arcades
Community blogs of 09/25/09
Forum of the day: Most wanted rock band songs

Shank impressions to live by: kill or be killed

Disney set to reveal new Mickey game this October

Ormagoden demands 666 mil Brutal Legend demo downloads…
Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery announced for Nintendo DS
Look away! This exploit will ruin Scribblenauts for you
Innex releasing two new systems for Genesis games
Guess what! PSPgo Rewards scheme is not for Americans
Splinter Cell: Conviction will ‘meld’ with the Xbox 360
Sony doesn’t care that PSP-3000 is way cheaper than PSPgo
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth site is up
Update to Rock Band 2 brings new features
Turn 10’s Greenawalt: Racers shouldn’t be so punishing
Rock Band DLC: Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin, more
Next Red Faction DLC bringing Walkers to multiplayer
Battlefield Heroes: 2 million served and counting
Spencer won’t be surprised if a future Fable uses Natal
Korsakovia is like the Silent Hill sequel that never was
Gearbox holding back Borderlands surprises, lets one slip

Mega64: Scribblenauts will send you straight to Hell

New No More Heroes 2 trailers are over 24 hours old
Arkanoid making a comeback on WiiWare
Serious Sam ‘holiday snaps’ are quite wonderful
South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! screenshots

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