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EA has decided that gamers like to have extra layers of complication on everything. Why make it simple to play a game? What we need are more accounts and passwords to remember. Oh, and here’s a good idea: let’s make it so you need a magical code to play multiplayer! We know gamers like that.

Today we have a new episode of Podtoid that reveals Tara’s sexuality, a preview of Battlefield 3’s multiplayer, screenshots of Sonic Generations on the PC, Jim talks about cross dressing, and reviews for Aliens: Infestation and Max and the Magic Marker: Gold Edition.

Destructoid Original: 
Podtoid 171: Tara Long Is A Hermaphrodite 
Crossdressing and cross gamers 
Live show: Fatshark comes to play with Mash Tactics
The DTOID Show: Mass Effect Co-Op, PSN Hackers, and Cake

Community blogs of 10/12
Forum thread of the day: Dark Souls

EB Expo 2011: Alienware VIP Gaming Challenge
GUNNAR Optiks’ Contest: Win unreleased gaming eyewear
Contest: Win $50 towards a Halloween costume!

Review: Aliens: Infestation
Review: Max and the Magic Marker: Gold Edition

Hands-on with GoldenEye 007: Reloaded’s multiplayer
Preview: Battlefield 3 (multiplayer)
Impressions: Rusty Hearts open beta 

First DLC pack for Duke Nukem Forever now available
EB Expo 2011: Alienware VIP Gaming Challenge
Microsoft now owns ‘Splosion Man studio Twisted Pixel
Scribblenauts comes to iOS as Scribblenauts Remix
Fall of Cybertron: Shockwave, Dinobots, INSECTICONS!
Amazon changes PS Vita ship date to March 31, 2012
Battlefield 3 brings the destruction in new trailer
Daytona USA achievements leaked: There’s a karaoke mode!
Newell: New Apple hardware could kill game consoles
Level 5’s Time Travelers also coming to Vita
Study reveals major increase in gaming in Australia
Naughty Zelda rip-off invades iOS
Australian ratings for mobile, online games put on hold
Online pass confirmed for Mass Effect 3
Halo Anniversary dev: PS3, 360 are creatively limiting
Dead Island PC patch arrives, still no Bloodbath DLC
Sonic 4 drops price forever, now costs $10
This year’s Xbox Live preview program now taking sign-ups
Tribes: Ascend closed beta on for early next month
Perry: Next consoles ‘insane’ not to support cloud gaming
Lineage II goes free-to-play in Europe

PSA: Persona 4 anime is on Hulu now

Here’s what Sonic Generations looks like on PC
Square Enix’s new engine renders beautiful…garages
EEDAR’s list of top 20 most influential game media sites
Burnout CRASH! making its way to iOS, with screenshots
Sesame Street’s Once Upon a Monster is now out 

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