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The DTOID Show: Mass Effect Co-Op, PSN Hackers, and Cake

2011-10-12 22:00:00  ยท  Max Scoville

Hey hey! Who likes The Destructoid Show? (Hold for applause)

Today, we tackle some hard-hitting video game news: Mass Effect 3 has four player co-op multiplayer, and if that wasn't enough -- it also has an online pass system! In other news, Microsoft has assimilated Twisted Pixel studios. Hopefully we continue to see cool stuff from them. The PSN was almost hacked again, or uh, Cereal. Or something. Blizzard decided to get Tara's attention by putting baby animals in World of Warcraft. Ugh. Finally, Battlefield 3 gets a new trailer and a lovely preview.

For the second half of the show, we brought on Jesse "Tactix" Cortez, Destructoid's west coast community-wrangler, to talk about the 24-hour Extra Life marathon we'll be doing this weekend for charity. We also announce some of the winners of Monday's contests, and announce a few new ones. We've got a copy of Battlefield 3 to give away, along with a great Razer keyboard, three copies of Serious Sam 3: BFE, and our kickass grand prize of kickass A40 Astro gaming headphones. Watch the show for the full details. 

Also, be sure you're following us on Twitter and Facebook because we're going to be throwing out some codes for free games and DLC on there for the rest of the week.

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