The Daily Hotness: GANGNAM STYLE

Look at that swagger! I love everything about this.

Today, Ian Bonds reviewed the Kinect game Wreckateer and totally liked it, Jim dug into Bats’ venerable villain stable to take a look at some potential new baddies for the next Arkham game, the Xbox market place released some Dtoid Style avatar threads, the apple cake baron Jayson Napolitano brought us some tracks from Unchained Blades and an interview with its composer, and more! 

Destructoid Original:
Batman villains we want in Rocksteady’s Arkham sequel
Team Fortress 2sdays: Steam sale hangover
Destructoid merch hits the Xbox 360 Avatar marketplace!
Exclusive: Unchained Blades music samples and commentary
Live show: One giant leap for troll kind

Community blogs of 7/24
Forum thread of the day: How do some developers go under, while others do not?

Review: Wreckateer

Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIII Versus not cancelled
Super Motherload isn’t coming to WiiWare anymore
Sony focusing on family-friendly games this Christmas
Penny Arcade On The Rain-Slick 3 getting free DLC
Prototype 2 finally hits PC
German group threatens to sue over Diablo III’s DRM
Mario will be discounted four weeks leading up to NSMB2
Ex-EA COO thinks Nintendo will stop making consoles
CyberConnect2 to sell art to benefit 3/11 quake victims
Nike+ Kinect Training and Kinect Sesame Street TV dated
Telltale’s The Walking Dead out on iOS this Thursday
Arma 2 gets 1.62 patch, multitude of fixes in multiplayer


Bullet Run dev drops intel on the maps Shanty and Oilrig
SNK releases 2 arcade classics: Gang Wars, Time Soldiers
Sorry, you can’t have this transparent 3DS XL
Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Collector Pack looks lovely
July Jubilee Bundle has Oniken, Puzzle Agent, and more
A Linux version is next for Serious Sam 3: BFE
Have some frigid new Company of Heroes 2 screenshots

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