The Daily Hotness: Fluffy buttermilk pancakes

If you are reading this, it means you discovered a Daily Hotness recap that didn’t go up in a timely fashion. Oops! In exchange for your silence regarding our failings, I shall bribe you with pancakes.

Today, Allistair Pinsof explains why Max Payne nailed it right out the gate, Ryan Perez peeps on Civilization V, the DSi and DSi XL get price drops, the PS Vita is inching its way towards 2 million units, and Juliet Starling plays dress-up.

Destructoid Original:
Getting It Right: Max Payne
Live show: Mash Tactics is barrel rolling in Starhawk

Community blogs of 5/10
Forum thread of the day: The Amazing Spider-Man

Preview: Steam and spirituality in Civ V: Gods & Kings

Judgment Day arrives for Republique
Nintendo DSi price drop: DSi $99, DSi XL $129
RE: Operation Raccoon City clears over two million sales
Dishonored dated October 9 for North America
PS Vita sells 1.8 million units worldwide
EA: Consumers afraid to buy digitally thanks to PSN hack
Nintendo DLC: Lots of Monsters
Don’t worry guys, World of Warcraft is fine
You may have to wait 25 years for another Kid Icarus
The Japanese government squashes social gaming’s dreams
Ubisoft and Marvel team up on Avengers: Battle for Earth
Steam vouchers spotted, rumored to hit GameStop next week
Not so secret: One million register for Secret World beta
Two Guys from Andromeda return to Earth
Rumor: Internet Explorer finally coming to Xbox 360
You don’t say: Minecraft breaks records on Xbox 360

What has science done!? The Portal turret is real!

Soul Sacrifice also looks strange in animated form
Max Payne ruminates in Max Payne 3 launch trailer
Darksiders II developers contemplate the nature of Death
Assassin’s Creed III trailer reveals pre-order bonuses
Summer of Tribes tournament headed to a stream near you
New screens for that weird-ass Orgarhythm game
Juliet’s extra costumes unlockable in Lollipop Chainsaw
The Last Story: New screens that you don’t need
Super MNC update adds Steam Trading, crossover with TF2
Hitman: Absolution has a pretty fun pre-order bonus game
Cut a bitch with this new Way of the Samurai 4 trailer

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