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Hey, if Steven can talk about haunted toast yesterday, I can talk about cupcakes today.

Specifically, this is internet comedy rapper Devo Spice. He has a thing he’s working on called “ridiculous raps” where he asks fans to submit ideas for songs. Any ideas. He’s been turning them out pretty quickly, as he has unintentionally become a full-time musician (read: he lost his day job). Help him out by checking out his videos, and maybe picking up some music over at his bandcamp page (including his awesome album “Gnome Sane“, which reached #28 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts on the day of release…and features a track with yours truly).

Today our pal Chris quested his way through every Wario game there is — including the eye-strain inducing Virtua Boy title, Hamza clues us in an a multiplayer mode cut from BLOPS 2, I review the updated Atari classic Warlords, the new trailer for GTA:V hit, and more went down today on Dtoid.

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Dragon Quest IV and VII dev studio revived after 10 years
Google v Microsoft patent license trial kicks off
Major League Gaming shows 334% growth in online streaming
PlanetSide 2 beta drawing to a close
Here’s why Faceless hasn’t been Greenlit for Steam
Amazon is offering both Prototype games for $10 on PC
Aksys selling VLR watches for Hurricane Sandy relief

Check out the ridiculous bonus ending to Black Ops II
New Sonic comic collection explains why he has green eyes
Castlevania: Hymn of Blood Ep. 4 has no monster slaying
Mario goes electro with a Mario RPG mini remix album

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The second Grand Theft Auto V trailer
Just in time for fall: Dead or Alive 5 swimsuit DLC
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Sleepwalker’s Journey is some sweet, puzzling fun
Take a look at Little Inferno’s fiery gameplay
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