The Daily Hotness: Back to the Grind

Is he painting a target on my back in that shot? Or did I do that myself?

It’s fun, yes, but it really hasn’t aged well. Just sayin’…

Lots of stuff hit Dtoid today. Chad somehow left Cole Phelps off his top ten detectives list, Dale got us an exclusive look at the Katamari webcomic, Jim reviewed the awesome LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, I reviewed Jet Set Radio (to much outcry), and much more hit the site on September 12th.

Destructoid Original:
Interview: Insomniac on how Overstrike became Fuse
The ten best videogame detectives EVER!
Exclusive: ShiftyLook to launch Katamari webcomic
Live show: The Walking Dead Ep.3 with Telltale Games
The DTOID Show: Fuse, Steam Greenlight, Borderlands 2 DLC

Community blogs of 9/12
Forum thread of the day: The Official Resident Evil Thread
Promoted blog: Fat on games

Review: LittleBigPlanet PS Vita
Review: Ratchet and Clank Collection
Review: Jet Set Radio

Preview: Your first look at Insomniac’s Fuse

Shatter OST concert to get live stream and recording
Nintendo’s big Wii U event will stream live tomorrow
What are your predictions for Nintendo’s Wii U event?

Xbox 360 version of Metal Gear Rising canceled in Japan
World of Warcraft screenshots contain hidden user data
21 new PSOne Classic games downloadable on PS Vita
Game Boy Advance games may be coming to eShop
Insomniac done with purely single-player games
Kojima Productions opens Los Angeles based studio
Grab the original Rise of the Triad on sale at
All aboard for Train Simulator 2013
IKE-aramba! DLC now available for Quantum Conundrum

Hungry Hungry Koopas, another Kodykoala masterpiece
Rub this 3DS stylus all over your gross face
Paul Robertson makes Gravity Falls even more awesome
Get psyched with a brand new Wreck-It Ralph trailer
Psycho Crusher tears it up with Mass Effect’s map theme

Latest Dishonored developer diary is all about immersion
Feast your eyes on Kokuga, from the creator of Ikaruga
EA’s Facebook page trolled with hentai, Gabe Newell pics
An hour of Mark of the Ninja with Nels Anderson
Keiji Inafune’s new project, YAIBA: Zombies and ninjas
Demon’s Score: Awesome music-based touch battles
Apple finally announces the iPhone 5, available Sept 21
Apple announces new iPod Touch and Nano models
Wrack is going to swallow me up
New Little King’s Story arriving October 2 on the Vita
Orc Attack’s farting problem cured by magic
In Keiji Inafune’s J.J. Rockets, you ARE the President

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