That Pokemon Sun & Moon CoroCoro ‘scoop’ was a letdown

At least we know what Magearna is

Some time after the announcement of Pokémon Sun & Moon, CoroCoro magazine noted that it would have a “big scoop” on the game this month. Sadly, folks over in Japan have already gotten their hands on the magazine, and it’s nothing of the sort — almost a troll, in fact. The feature says this “would be a worst first scoop,” but “we can’t even see any Pokémon!” Now they’re saying next month is the scoop. That’s a bummer to say the least.

We did get the lowdown on what Magearna is though, which is set to appear in the next movie. According to the magazine, it will be a steel/fairy type. Alright, I can work with that.

Pokémon Sun and Moon [Serebii]

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