That Marth amiibo restock may have already came and went on Amazon

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When Nintendo announced the Marth amiibo restock for this year, I had a feeling it wouldn’t end well. It was originally scheduled for April, then May, and now that the month is here, the publisher is still completely silent as to how it is taking place — par for the course.

But thanks to a situation over at Amazon today, we may have an idea of how it’s going down. For the past few hours Marth has been “flickering” in and out of stock on the site. When it’s up, Marth is right there for purchase for $13. When it’s down, the default listing automatically reverts to scalped or import seller listings. The news was originally reported by the amiibo Reddit user Laikue, and has been confirmed by a number of my sources.

If you want Marth, now might be your shot to grab him from Amazon — just keep the F5 key handy. It’s unknown whether or not this is the official restock or just a case of the online retailer finding more stock (much like the Shulk re-order for June, which still hasn’t shipped for a lot of people out there), but Amazon reps have reportedly been saying that there is ample supply.

Whether Marth will turn up soon at other retailer is unknown. I find this whole situation odd, as Nintendo is championing this one restock while there are still plenty of other rare figures out there to reprint (like Villager and Wii Fit Trainer in the same wave), they haven’t told us what is going on with Silver Mario, and they haven’t even gotten a handle on Wave 4 yet, which is set to launch on May 29.

Marth [Amazon]

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