Take a nice, long look at the new Fire Emblem

Sweet torture

Fire Emblem If is still a long ways off. That is, unless you live in Japan, where Nintendo’s upcoming strategy role-playing game is just a fortnight away from its June 25 release.

Soon enough people half a world away will be enjoying the object of your desire while you’re forced to look on, practicing patience and shooting daggers across the Pacific with jealous eyes.

Anyway, Nintendo has a new promotional video for that which we long for and here I am sharing it because I’m sadist, probably. It also looks really wonderful and fun. More salt for that wound?

The footage is all in Japanese, of course, but it does provide a rundown of many of the title’s major features. This includes a quick look at the character creator, battle system, a sample of the game’s stunningly abundant 60 unit classes, and another peek at the “My Castle” StreetPass feature.

Fire Emblem If  is slated for a (not soon enough) 2016 launch in North America and Europe.

ファイアーエムブレムif 紹介映像 [YouTube]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson