Super Mario Maker stage coming to Smash Bros.

Battleground madness

A brand new stage based on Super Mario Maker is heading to Super Smash Bros. on September 30th, and it looks exactly as crazy and whimsical as you’d want it to be. Embracing the creative chaos of Mario Maker, the stage will be constructed differently at the beginning of every match and constantly edited and fussed with throughout by a stylus gripping hand like so many Duck Amuck shenanigans.

What a fun idea for a level! As someone who never got into the more competitive and serious end of Smash, I’ve always enjoyed the game the most when the craziness is dialed up to the max. This Mario Maker level looks like a great stage to crank up the item spawns, set a short time or stock limit, and just burn through rematch after rematch to see what weirdness it will generate.

Nic Rowen