Sup Holmes races the next Penelope with Aurelien Regard

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[Update: Thanks for watching everybody! It was a great episode, filled with lighthearted jokes, occasional swearing, and a extremely seductive French accent. Make sure to check out the rerun in the coming days if you like any of those things. In the meantime, here’s the latest trailer for The Next Penelope. It’s really fun.]

Today on Sup Holmes we welcome Aurelien Regard, the creator of racing-shooting extravaganza The Next Penelope. The game has been compared to F-Zero plenty of times, maybe in part because it’s coming to the Wii U. It’s on Steam right now though, so be sure to check it out if you like racing and shooting. 

Aurelien tells me that we met once before back when he was working on Hell Yeah! at Arkedo. I don’t remember that at all though, because I am a jerk. We’ll be talking about all that and more starting at 4pm EST so don’t miss it!

Jonathan Holmes
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