Steelrising teaser stokes my hype fire for the incoming robo-rumble

Revolution meets Evolution

Publisher Nacon and developer Spiders have dropped a short new teaser for their upcoming steampunk RPG Steelrising, which is currently in development for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X. First revealed during last year’s E3 event, Steelrising will tell the story of an alternate French Revolution, with a cast populated by anachronistic android characters.

The new teaser offers very little in the way of details or gameplay, but gives us a glimpse of a dilapidated French town, with the narration of its displaced townspeople speaking of the arrival of “The Machines”. We also get a new look of the feminine android featured in the 2020 teaser, suggesting that it may be Steelrising‘s protagonist — or at least a figure of importance when it comes to the title’s intriguing premise.

While I’ll admit the animations on display in this Steelrising teaser look a tad clunky, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s still early days for the mid-tier title. As I’ve noted before, I’m very excited for Steelrising‘s setting and concepts, and developer Spiders showed promise in its world-building and story-telling skills in 2019 RPG GreedFall. While Steelrising might be flying under many people’s radar, I’m very much keeping an eye on this project, and looking forward to hearing more details during the July 6 Nacon Connect stream.

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