STARWHAL brings neon space narwhals to PS3, PS4 next week

Aim for the heart

When I last wrote about STARWHAL, it still had the subtitle “Just the Tip.” That’s since been jettisoned. The floppy local multiplayer game about narwhals in space has made it on to Steam proper, and it’s hitting up PS3 and PS4 on February 24, 2015. There’s pay-once-for-both pricing ($11.99), but the PS3 version only runs at 30 frames per second (PS4 runs at 60).

For the PlayStation Network release, “[c]razy new modes, intense new arenas, sweet new visual effects, a massive, extended, thumping soundtrack, and over 9,000 costume combinations” await, according to designer Mike Keogh. Think I saw one resembling the Spiny Shell from Mario Kart.

Love the weird stuff that makes it out of game jams.

STARWHAL Flops onto PS4, PS3 February 24th [PlayStation Blog]

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