Sony: PSP has a ‘ten year life cycle’

The “ten year life cycle” excuse has been trotted out by Sony so many times that it’s taken on the properties of a self parody. Whenever the PS3 wasn’t doing so well, Sony would claim “TEN YEARS” and that would make everything better. Well, it worked for the PS3, so why not try the same excuse for the PSP?

“There is absolutely a 10-year life cycle for PSP, and probably more,” says SCEA’s John Koller. “We’ve talked about ‘We’ll be in the PSP business as long as we’re in the PlayStation business’, because we absolutely believe in handheld.

“Now in terms of where we are in the current life cycle, I think we’re just kind of hitting our stride. We just announced that we hit 60 million units worldwide, which is a very, very good number for PSP, we’ve got a lot of good development support. It’s just a very healthy platform. I don’t think we’d be investment spending to the tune that we are without full belief that this is a go-forward platform.”

Pro tip: Saying that you’re “hitting your stride” with a system that was released five f*cking years ago is not something you should be proud of. 

Video Interview: Sony’s John Koller, on PSP Go, PSN and PS3 [Joystiq via Videogamer]

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