SOCOM remains popular on PSN, beating Killzone 2

Despite being in abysmal condition at launch (and for many weeks after), SOCOM Confrontation has managed to stay popular with PlayStation 3 owners. Speaking with Joystiq this morning in New York, SCEA senior producer Mark Rogers said that the game has the most simultaneously connected users on PlayStation Network. Meaning that the title has beaten even the mighty Killzone 2 in terms of PSN players.

Rogers believes Confrontation is still bumpin’ because of the community, who have proven to be as a resilient bunch, constantly downloading patches and updating the once-crippled simulation shooter.

In a better bit of news, there’s a good chance that the Confrontation player base are all Bluetooth headset-carrying members of the PSN community. Voice chat is good guys; use it more often … whenever you get around to playing a different game.

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