Snowfield Stable location and directions Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

Snowfield Stable location Tears of the Kingdom

It’s chilly over here

The Snowfield Stable in Tears of the Kingdom is one of the least busy in the game. That may be because it’s horrendously cold in this area. You’ll need the right gear to get to this spot in the game. Here’s where to find the Snowfield Stable in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to find Snowfield Stable in Tears of the Kingdom

Snowfield Stable Tears of the Kingdom location map
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The Snowfield Stable is located west of the Great Hyrule Forest and northeast of the Rito Village. It’s in the very wintry area of Tabantha Tundra, so make sure you have some warm clothes on. I put on the Archaic Warm Greaves from the Great Sky Island. There are two main ways to head to Snowfield Stable. I fast-traveled to Kiuyoyou Shrine and then took the main path around the cavern between yourself and the Tundra. It’s seemingly longer, but it’s a far easier climb if you’re low on stamina like me. It will also take a long time to climb the cliffs, especially if it’s raining. There will be a rocky section at the right-hand end of the cavern.

You’ll then be facing the cold shortly after as you enter the Tabantha Tundra. Put on those warm clothes or drink a potion to acclimatize the Hero of Time. Keep running up the main path until you find a green-lit Shrine. It will be easy to spot within this dark wintry area. Interact with the Orochium Shrine, so you can use it as a fast travel point. Then look to the left, and you’ll see the somewhat hard-to-see Snowfield Stable.

Are there any side quests from the Snowfield Stable?

If you talk to the old man Monkton nearby the firepit, he’ll lead you towards a Great Fairy location. However, he says you need to find a musical troupe in the Woodland Stable to activate it. No one at the Snowfield Stable will give you any side quests, but you’ll get handy information from them about the surrounding area. For example, Juga mentions you can stay warm in a cave, and they can also offer directions to Rito Village.

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