How to complete Ruffian-Infested Village quest in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom Ruffian-Infested Village quest

Yo-ho-ho and a bundle of Bokoblins

Returning to Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you might notice that many locales have changed since Breath of the Wild. Rito Village is beset by a blizzard, Hateno’s stepped up its fashion, and Lurelin Village has a bit of a pirate problem, which is the core of the Ruffian-Infested Village quest.

This side adventure in Tears of the Kingdom can be stumbled upon pretty early. Different NPCs originally hailing from Lurelin can inform Link about what’s happening there, or you can just head straight for it. Either way, you’ll find the gorgeous coastal town in the southwest portion of the map.

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As Rozel and Bolson tell you, the monsters have stormed Lurelin, attacking it by sea. Their method of attack has led to them being called pirates because it honestly fits the situation quite well. The townspeople want to return, but can’t until you drive out every monster.

How to clear out the Ruffian-Infested Village in Tears of the Kingdom

Clearing out pirates seems like a task for the Hero of Time. There aren’t really any puzzles or tricks to this quest; instead, it’s a bit of an endurance run. Once you enter Lurelin Village, a health bar labelled Monster Forces will appear at the top of the screen.

This represents the overall strength of the occupying forces, and you’ll need to take them all out to reclaim Lurelin for its residents.

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Finding the monsters is easy (aside from one, who’s hiding in a well). It’s taking them out that can be difficult, especially if you don’t have as many hearts, armor, or other resources pooled. Here are some tips:

  • Make use of your Fuse mechanic. Most weapons in Tears of the Kingdom are decayed and weak on their own. Lurelin Village has some strong monsters in it, but this also means they drop strong parts. Bring a few unfused weapons to craft together on the fly as you take out stronger enemies, like the Lizalfos. Remember to fuse arrows too!
  • Use height to your advantage. There’s a high vantage point in the center of town that can help for scouting and striking enemies. A few bomb arrows from here can hit the deck of the pirates’ boat and cause a chain reaction, which will make the Boss Bokoblin fight easier.
  • Fight small groups. Try to keep your scrapping centered in one area, on one group. Identify the ones you need to take out first, preferably weaker enemies, so you can focus on the one tough foe, like the Boss or a Lizalfos. Spears help with managing crowds, as they’re quick and can stagger advancing foes.
  • When all else fails, use fire. Even with weak weapons on hand, fire can do some work. Try attaching a Zonai Flame Emitter to a weapon and watch as it lights up enemies.
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The quest continues

Once you’ve seized the village, the residents can move back in. But completing the Ruffian-Infested Village quest is only the start. From here, you’ll be able to undertake the Lurelin Village Restoration Project quest, which will see Link and Bolson teaming up to return Lurelin to its former glory.

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