Sims 3 Pets coming to PC, Mac, Xbox, PS3 and 3DS

Electronic Arts has today announced the next expansion of The Sims 3, bringing dogs and cats and so forth into the game in a variety of ways. The PC and Mac releases of The Sims 3 Pets will add content to The Sims 3, including the ability to raise horses and use them as transportation.

The consoles and 3DS will have standalone games that have you solving mysteries. In the 3DS version, the game will use the pedometer in some fashion and the Xbox 360 release will feature Kinect support so you can order your pets and Sims around with voice commands.

A trailer has been released but it’s not as entertaining to me as the Baha Men. Still, I suppose if you want to watch it, who am I to judge? Peep it below.

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