Shocker: Xbox 360 sells a lot of systems due to price cut

In an absolutely stunning twist, we have just found out that customers like to buy cheap things! Thanks to the string of price cuts in North America, the Xbox 360’s sales have more than doubled, in some cases even sextupled — and stop laughing at that word.

“Coming off the heels of the console price drop last week, Microsoft Xbox 360 sales have surged with retailers reporting over 100% sales lift for all Xbox 360 models compared to the previous weekend,” beams Microsoft. “Additionally, retailers are reporting that between Friday, Sept. 5 and Sunday, Sept. 7, some Xbox 360 models were selling at six times the rate they were the weekend prior.”

Hooray for temporary sales spikes! Looks like the price cuts were certainly enough to coax a few floating consumers Microsoft’s way. Now … about that European price cut …

James Stephanie Sterling