Shakedown: Hawaii is the latest game to jump to the Epic Games Store

Will make its PC debut on the service

Developer Vblank Entertainment has announced that Shakedown: Hawaii, the upcoming sequel to Retro City Rampage, will be making its PC debut on the Epic Games Store. The game is set for a Spring release and will likely come to other digital distribution platforms sometime later this year.

Along with the news, a new trailer has been released that gives a quick overview of the mechanics that this open-world destructathon will have.

I was quite fond of Retro City Rampage, so I’m interested to see if this follow-up will be decent. I’m sort of over open-world titles, but I’m always up for a game that doesn’t take itself all that seriously. As I get into my older age, I’ve found that embracing the cheesiness inherent to this medium makes for a far more enjoyable time than trying to emulate Hollywood at every step.

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.