Rumortoid: Valkyrie Profile 3 for PS3 only

Last month we heard a bit about Valkyrie Profile 3 coming to…the Xbox 360? The revised rumors say that the Square Enix RPG is a PS3 exclusive now, and that we’ll be hearing more about it prior to the expected E3 debut by Square Enix, and now Sony. The rumor is that we’ll hear details about VP3 some two weeks before E3.

The folks at GoFanboy say that PSM3 magazine already has details on the title, so you should be watching that mag for info. These guys could be the first to publish details on VP3, so we’ll definitely check back.

We don’t know what’s true, but with all these related rumors flying about we feel pretty good about Valkyrie Profile 3 coming out in some form. That’s great — who cares where it comes from or ends up.

Dale North