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Free Fightin’

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Still waiting on River City Girls 2? Aren’t we all? Still, if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner and need a little bit of schoolgal sluggin’ to tide you over, then you’re in luck, as WayForward’s cartoonish brawler is now available to play for “free” as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial service.

From today until December 12, all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can download and play the 2019 scrapper in its entirety, guiding Kyoko and Misako through the avenues and alleyways of River City on a mission to discover the truth behind the disappearance of boyfriends Kunio and Riki. Should you decide to bag the full game for yourself, then RCG is currently available on the eShop for a discounted price for the duration of the trial.

As for River City Girls 2, well, Japan already has the long-awaited sequel, though seemingly not in its complete and fully featured form. WayForward announced earlier today that the western release will be blessing us on December 15. That’s next week! So while the fist-throwing sequel might be hitting these shores a little later than expected, at least we can expect to receive the title as nature intended — complete with its roster of cool characters and its wild ‘n’ chaotic four-player mode.

River City Girls 2 launches December 15 on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check out our previous write-ups on both River City Girls and River City Girls Zero, as well as our interviews with director Adam Tierney, and awesome composer Megan McDuffee.

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