Rick & Morty aren’t in High on Life, but there is a reference

Are Rick & Morty in High on Life?

Wubba lubba dub dub!

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Rick & Morty made have made surprise cameos in Fortnite and Multiversus, but with so many rights issues involved, they’re not automatically going to appear in every Justin Roiland-led project. That includes High on Life, though there is a brief reference to the Rick & Morty series in-game.

There’s a quick enemy voice line quip that gets a reference in

In passing, enemy NPCs have a chance to say something to the effect of: “There’s no Rick & Morty references here. Oh I guess that was a reference.” For science, I encountered the line on Zephyr Paradise, and twice total throughout my entire run (that I could hear/notice).

That’s it! I’m sure a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief at not having Rick & Morty shoved into everything (you probably get enough of that at Hot Topic), but it’s a quick and cute (and possibly optional) reference. Trover Saves the Universe went with the same idea, merely going for vague-at-best references rather than direct ones. Still, many of Roiland’s voices and line readings mimic the series heavily, to the point where several characters are almost stand-ins for the duo themselves.

Maybe we’ll see something deeper in the potential sequel?

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