Rhythm Tengoku: The Best + features an appropriate crossover

Pose for the fans

Not too long ago, I asked you all if you were getting sick of Nintendo’s near constant release of crossovers. The answer was a resounding “Nope!” Excited reactions to Super Mario Maker’s multiple crossovers have worked to back up that “Nope!” When you guys “Nope!” you “Nope!” for real, and I love that about you.

I wonder how you’ll all take to this most recent case of Nintendo-based intellectual property in-breeding? The reveal of the crossover below (hidden below for all you spoiler-haters out there) isn’t exactly new, but we haven’t heard a lot about Rhythm Tengoku: The Best+ from Nintendo itself, so I figured most of you may have missed it.

Maybe if you show enough excitement for the game, we’ll be more likely to get it outside of Japan? I’d hate to have to hack my 3DS just to import this one, but if we don’t hear anything from Nintendo on the localization of this sucker by Christmas, I’ll have no other choice. There is no way I’m going to deprive my newborn baby boy the experience of living a lifetime filled with maximum Rhythm Heaven.

Jonathan Holmes
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