Rhythm Heaven producer says series ‘isn’t dead,’ but it’s not exactly alive either

Wubba wubba wubba, is that true?

Franchises are a fickle thing, both in the eyes of fans and their owners. Many folks are mad that say, Nintendo won’t bring F-Zero out of retirement, but imagine if Activision had the IP — there would have been 10 entries in the last decade, some of which had some sort of wheel accessory, and a few would have been loaded up with microtransactions.

One series people would like to see more of is Rhythm Heaven, which has only had four games in the past 11 years — a few of which overlapped minigames. While there hasn’t been any real hope on that front recently, producer Yoshio Sakamoto explained to Eurogamer that it’s not quite dead: “We generally don’t comment on those kind of rumours, but I don’t remember us ever saying it was over. Generally speaking, if there’s an opportunity, a motivation, a need, we consider all opportunities and leave the door open. That’s all I can say. [It is not dead].”

If he’s being coy (as our own Jonathan Holmes thinks he might), it had a good run.

Returning to Metroid [Eurogamer]

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