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Return to Silent Hill casts its leads, and will start filming next month

Returning to Silent Hill

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The Return to Silent Hill has locked in its James and is ready to start filming. Christophe Gans’ follow-up to his 2006 film is scheduled to start filming next month, via Deadline.

Konami revealed a ton of Silent Hill news at its special presentation last October. While there were many games, there was also confirmation that Gans would be returningto direct Return to Silent Hill, a follow-up to 2006’s Silent Hill.

The sequel looks to be based on the game Silent Hill 2, with Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) cast as James. After being separated from his one true love played by Jigsaw‘s Hannah Emily Anderson, he’ll head to Silent Hill in search of her. Of course, things don’t really go as planned from there on out. Deadline’s report doesn’t specify, but I’m guessing that “one true love” will see Anderson portraying both Mary and Maria.

While there was a follow-up to 2006’s Silent Hill released in 2012, subtitled Revelation, this new sequel marks Gans’ return to the film series. Victor Hadida is producing, under Davis Films, alongside Hassell Free Productons’ Molly Hassell and David Wulf.

According to Hadida (via Deadline), he and Gans have been working closely with Konami to create a version of Silent Hill “for the theatrical audiences of today.” There will be “iconic” monsters, alongside new designs.

The Hills come to life

After a pretty lengthy silence on the series, Silent Hill has really sprung back into action. Last October’s announcements locked in a slew of new productions alongside Return to Silent Hill. Bloober Team is currently working on a remake of Silent Hill 2, and two third-party studios are getting their own stabs at the series.

No Code and Annapurna are working on Silent Hill: Townfall, while NeoBards Entertainment is working on Silent Hill f, set in ’60s Japan with Umineko author Ryukishi07 on board. There’s a lot of Silent Hill in store, which still feels really strange to say.

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