Silent Hill f looks like a creepy new story set in Japan

Silent Hill f

Silent Hill game written by Umineko author Ryukishi07

A brand-new Silent Hill game is on the way from an interesting set of collaborators. Today, Konami revealed Silent Hill f, a forthcoming game set in 1960’s Japan.

This “beautiful yet horrifying” world has an intriguing lineup of developers. Neobards Entertainment is developing, alongside producer Motoi Okamoto and creature and character design by kera.

Ryukishi07, the pen name behind stories like Higurashi When They Cry and Umineko When They Cry, is writing Silent Hill f. His stories often have a good mix of both horror and mystery to them, which seem like a great fit for Silent Hill. And the trailer already makes a fantastic first impression.

No more info was shared today, either on platforms or release timing. Also no indication what the “f” stands for. It’s styled a bit like a musical forte, maybe?

Heading back to Silent Hill

This new game wasn’t the only bit of Silent Hill news today. Konami also unveiledSilent Hill 2 remake, in collaboration with The Medium studio Bloober Team.

Its third-party expansion doesn’t just include Silent Hill f, either. NoCode, which made Stories Untold and Observation, is working on its own Silent Hill project, subtitled Townfall.

And Bad Robot is teaming with Genvid and a host of others for Silent Hill Ascension, an interactive experience that revolves around Silent Hill. We didn’t get too much of an idea what that looks like, but the trailer definitely had a weird, live-stream horror vibe.

With all that, plus a new movie on the way, there is a surprising amount of Silent Hill suddenly on its way. You can watch the full livestream showcase and all the Silent Hill announcements here.

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