RetroforceGO!: Episode 21: Video game music

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Normally, this would be the place where I would make some sort of jovial paragraph, or make up some incredibly false, but equally jovial little story. Well, the unfortunate news of the day is that I’m fresh out of jovial. It would seem that corner store by my house that sells everything from batteries to Mogwais has, for the first time ever — run out of jovial. Alarming, I know, but occasionally these things do happen. Luckily, my Internet good nature can still be uplifted by the release  this week’s RFGO!, and I hope that it does the same for you.


  • Much like the speed of light, Chad’s level of amaaaazing is constant
  • [Generic] of Thunder comes to the Virtual Console
  • Topher utters his first ever Best Week EVAR!! 🙂
  • Second sign of the apocalypse to follow shortly
  • F-U Microsoft!
  • Rev attacks the fourth wall (Rev wins!)
  • Special contest prize this week!
  • Chad! Dinner!

So there ya’ go folks, another podcast for you listening pleasure. Check it out over on our podcast page, or just subscribe to it via iTunes. And if for some reason the show doesn’t refill your jovial levels, I would suggest having some pancakes; they contain magical properties that produce happiness.

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