Retro City Rampage DX will get a ‘New 3DS’ update

Whenever it comes along

Retro City Rampage is a pretty polarizing game around these parts, but I found myself really digging it, especially the well-crafted 3DS port. For everyone who still plays it off and on, you might be happy to know that creator Brian Provinciano will be supporting the game going forward, even when the New 3DS drops.

When asked on Twitter, Provinciano stated that the game will get an update to accommodate  the 3DS’ added buttons — which may include the two triggers and the extra thumbstick nub…thing. In the past, he claimed that he wasn’t happy with how the Circle Pad Pro turned out, and didn’t add support to the game — specifically, “it made it harder to reach the touch screen for weapons, making it awkward to switch between shooting and jumping.”

Retro City Rampage [Twitter]

Chris Carter
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