Capcom Spotlight 2023 recap

Recap: Everything shown at the Capcom Spotlight 2023

 A look at what’s ahead for Capcom

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The Capcom Spotlight 2023 has come and gone, and the company’s locked in what looks like the next few months of its publishing slate. From Resident Evil 4 to Mega Man and Ghost Trick, there were a lot of dates locked in for the next few months.

Today really seemed to focus on setting out a release calendar for Capcom heading into the summer. Some got new release dates, while others with known dates got a few new tidbits of information. There was nothing outright brand-new, but it was still solid to see the schedule rolled out for the next few months of Capcom titles. And honestly, they look pretty alright to me.

Everything shown at the Capcom Spotlight 2023

  • We open the show with Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. It’s a massive collection of 10 Battle Network games, arriving on April 14 for PC, Switch, and PlayStation 4.
  • We knew all of that info, but today’s hit put a big spotlight on gameplay including the new features, like all 499 Patch Cards that were available only as physical cards and Buster MAX Mode. The entire collection will be available as one package, or in two separate versions: Volume 1 with Battle Network 1 through 3; or Volume 2, with 4, 5, and 6.
  • Extra news for Mega Man animated feature fans: the Mega Man NT Warrior series will be streaming free (for a limited time) starting March 21.
  • Street Fighter 6 didn’t have any new fighters to share, but Capcom did reveal the final color commentator for its special commentary feature. Actress Hikaru Takahashi rounds out the roster. I’m admittedly unfamiliar with her. The special commentary option seems interesting, but I also wonder if I would really use it more than a few times. We’ll see when Street Fighter 6 enters the ring on June 2.
  • Capcom is celebrating its 40th Anniversary with a special Capcom Town, a digital theme park and museum of Capcom history. The company also reminds you that to play online for its games, including the next one on the list, you’ll need to make a Capcom ID.

  • Speaking of museums, dino-horde shooter Exoprimal will have an open beta on March 17, and hit full release on July 14. I’m honestly warming up to this one, if only because the giant hole of endless raptors never fails to put a smile on my face. It’ll be a day one Xbox Game Pass title too, so it’ll be easy to try out and see if it’s a horde shooter I want to stick with for more than one co-op night.
  • Much more came soon after about Exoprimal‘s Season Pass, with multiple tracks and pre-order bonuses. Maybe not as keen on that element.
  • Nintendo DS gem Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is getting remastered for modern systems, and it arrives on June 30. Alongside updated visuals and some gallery features, Ghost Trick will also have some new arrangements from Great Ace Attorney composer Yasumasa Kitagawa that you can freely swap back-and-forth with the original music. I’m pretty thrilled, and hope this gets more people to check out the genuinely unique experience that is Ghost Trick.

  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak finally sets an April 28 release date for Xbox and PlayStation players. Hopefully that’s enough time for those players to get there, considering Rise just came to PlayStation and Xbox last month. Better get to huntin’ monsters.
  • The CGI-animated and excellently named Resident Evil: Death Island got a quick trailer, and it looks like Jill Valentine is answering the call to action. Heck yes.
  • Closing out the Capcom Spotlight, the previously teased (and also leakedResident Evil 4 demo is out now. Dubbed the “Chainsaw Demo,” you’ll be able to check out how the action handles on PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. What more is there to say? It’s Resident Evil 4. You can close the blog and go check it out, because that’s what I’m doing right now. Find it on the Steam Store, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store at these links.

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