Jill Valentine is squadding up for Resident Evil: Death Island

resident evil death island movie jill valentine

Bring Sandwiches

As part of this afternoon’s Capcom Spotlight live stream, we got to see a new blink-and-you’ll-miss it teaser for Resident Evil: Death Island, the CGI animated movie currently in production at Sony Pictures.

The new teaser revealed that veteran hero Jill Valentine will be joining Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield on their latest volley against the undead. The narrative of the film will the Resident Evil protagonists cross paths as their respective missions lead them to the abandoned Alcatraz Island in San Francisco. One can only assume that they’ll find a lot more to uncover at the haunting prison complex than Clint Eastwood’s papier mache head.

Resident Evil: Death Island is the next in a growing timeline of CGI films featuring heroes and villains from Capcom’s survival horror series. Previous releases have included Resident Evil: Degeneration, Resident Evil: Vendetta, and the Netflix series Resident Evil Infinite Darkness. While there is not a specific release date for Death Island, Capcom and Sony are expecting to release the picture at some point in 2023.

Chris Moyse
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