Radio Dtoid 044: Reading is the Worst

With special community guest Captain Merica!

Radio Dtoid is Destructoid’s official community-focused podcast! Join Aaron “Mxy” Yost (Forums Admin), (US Community Manager), Beccy Caine (EU Community Manager), Kyle MacGregor (Contributor), and Mr Andy Dixon as they talk about their favorite Dtoid community happenings!

In this extra salty episode, Aaron forgets how to talk, Conor rollercoasters too hard, Capcom steals Kyle’s thoughts, and guest host Captain Merica needs your help! We also discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, why the PS Vita should be doing better, exploding semen murder, games everyone but you loves, games everyone but you hates, and vomiting in public.

We also give away a copy of Dragon’s Crown on the show, but you’ll have to listen to see if you won!

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Thanks for listening!

M Randy