Radio Destructoid 049: AssCreedBroHo

Featuring special community guest OpiumHerz!

Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join Aaron “Mxy” Yost (Forums Admin), (US Community Manager), Beccy Caine (EU Community Manager), Kyle MacGregor (Contributor), and Mr Andy Dixon as they talk about their favorite Dtoid community happenings!

In this episode, Aaron watches some wrasslin’, Conor’s got legit builds, Kyle likes the noises people on fire make, I get sucked into Minecraft, and guest host OpiumHerz is dry and flaccid… for now! We also discuss horrible ways to die, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, good and bad Alien games, creepy digital Kevin Spacey, hate crimes, Mario Kart 8 DLC, PlayStation TV, corrupting the youth, favorite Art Bell callers, centaurs, the BK Kids Club, and the proper care of clones! Also also, Uncle Bloodspray reads us a gritty story, and we might actually have magical remake-predicting powers.

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Thanks for listening! And as always: Be Better People!

M Randy