Radiant Historia returns with Perfect Chronology on 3DS

Unexpected remake with a new ‘Sub-History’

Atlus isn’t done with Radiant Historia!

First released for Nintendo DS in 2010, the time-travel RPG is getting a 3DS remake with touched-up graphics and a new “Sub-History” to play through (from the start, if you’d like). While the teaser site for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is mostly barren right now, Famitsu has more details.

“Thanks to everyone’s longstanding support, the build up of wanting to release this title has has risen even within Atlus,” said game director Mitsuru Hirano, as picked up by Gematsu. “Since providing a world experience is essential in an RPG, we kept in mind not to change that impression. We reviewed the playability and improved it overall.”

Perfect Chronology is out in Japan on June 29, 2017, with no word yet on a localized release.

【先出し週刊ファミ通】『ラジアントヒストリア パーフェクトクロノロジー』タイムトラベル・ファンタジーがふたたび降臨(2017年3月23日発売号) [Famitsu]
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology announced for 3DS [Gematsu]

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