PUBG’s extensive Training Mode will be a godsend

I can finally learn how to oscillate properly

It’s really happening! Next month, PUBG will introduce a new 2×2 km Training Mode map that let’s five to twenty players learn “the basics of navigation, looting, shooting, driving, and parachuting.”

PUBG is a nuanced game that can be brutal to learn when you’re first getting started. On the one hand, it’s satisfying as hell to emerge victorious from the trial by fire with your first chicken dinner. It’s a rush, even if you won alone and afraid. On the other hand, it’s not a game you can lightly and casually jump into — at least, I sure can’t. Once I’m out of practice, I find it dang near impossible to drum up motivation to slog through a few matches just to find my footing again. This Training Mode will be such a boon.

The map is broken down into distinct areas. There are multiple shooting ranges, standing and moving targets, vehicle tracks with stunt ramps, and a parachute practice zone, among others.

For new players, it sounds like a good way to practice without the stresses of real matches. For more experienced folks, it’s a way to get more comfortable with recoil and bullet-drop (or just warm up).

The Training Mode map is still in development with an estimated September launch.

Introducing Training Mode [Steam]

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