PSA: You can get a special Charizard in Pokemon Sword and Shield for a few days

special Charizard

Use ‘GL0BALCHAMP2021,’ it’s gone after November 3

Pokemon Sword and Shield has another free distribution event running for a special Charizard, and you won’t have to go to GameStop.

This one is extremely simple, and runs through the game’s mystery gift system. As spotted by, the special Charizard is actually a Global Exhibition Champion reward, honoring Leonardo Bonanomi’s loadout that was used in the event. To get it, you’ll load up the game, go to mystery gifts, enter the code “GL0BALCHAMP2021,” and you’ll get the character immediately.

Why can’t every event be like this? GameStop distribution tie-ins were always annoying for people who didn’t have any stores near them, but in the past year this “essential business” has become even less essential for these types of events. Still, it manages to snag deals from the jaws of defeat from Nintendo, both in the realm of things like this and through exclusive amiibo offerings. At the very least, Wild Area celebrations are still happening periodically in-game.

Pokemon is about to enter some interesting territory soon, with the Diamond and Pearl remakes on the way, as well as the first Legends entry. Who knows what the scene will look like after those drop, not to mention the big question mark of the next proper generation. Everyone is going to be waiting on the edge of their seat after that reveal for the answer to one question: “how full is the Pokedex at launch?”

The good news for Game Freak is they can’t really do any worse than the PR for Sword and Shield.

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