PSA: This weekend is your second chance at the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s Cinderace Tera Raid event

It’ll run through January 15

A few weeks backPokemon Scarlet & Violet players had the opportunity to take down Cinderace in a 7-star Tera Raid (Fighting Tera type) and earn the Pokemon for themselves. Just like the Charizard event, there’s a second chance weekend.

That second chance kicks off today (right now actually), and will run through January 15. You have roughly two full days to unlock 7-star raids if you haven’t already, then locate and take down the Cinderace. As a reminder you can only get one Cinderace per save file, but you can take the raid on an unlimited amount of times to amass rewards, and you can breed that Cinderace into a Scorbunny.

If you still aren’t raid-ready, it’s currently unknown if this Cinderace will be distributed again in the future. Right now all we have to go with is wording on the Charizard news post (which Cinderace did not get), which technically only applies to Charizard currently: “Charizard may appear again in other events or be encounterable in different ways in the future.”

You still have time if you haven’t clean up that postgame path to 7-star raids yet! With a strong team you can get it done fairly quickly.

If you need help, we have numerous resources for the Cinderace event, including:

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