PSA: Go pick up your Shiny Xerneas in Pokemon now

May 11-17

Nintendo has been running a ton of Pokémon distribution events this year, and this month, you can pick up a Darkrai on top of shiny legendaries from the covers of X & Y. The time to get a regular ol’ Zygarde has passed, but from now until May 17, you can grab a Shiny Xerneas.

It clocks in at level 100, with Geomancy, Moonblast, Aromatherapy, and Focus Blast. To nab it, just select the mystery gift option and the internet subcategory in either X & Y or ORAS.  It’s North America only at the moment but since Europe just got Zygarde recently it’s probably just a matter of days.

Next up is Shiny Yveltal from May 20 to 26. I’ve been keeping up with all of these so I’m prepared for Sun & Moon!

Chris Carter
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