PSA: A few of the new Mario amiibo might be rare

Diddy, Donkey, Wario, Boo

We are long past the era of “unicorn” or “impossible to find” amiibo. Taking a look at recent releases, Roy, a GameStop exclusive, was available for over a month before he temporarily went out of stock, and was re-listed again. Timmy and Tom Nook seemingly abandoned their Target exclusivity deal and appeared on Amazon. The Wolf Link and Midna bundle is still readily available. All of the Kirby line was easy to get for over a month.

But based on current trends for the brand new Mario line coming this November, there might be a few rare spots. After the announcement yesterday, Donkey Kong (new pose), Diddy Kong (new pose), Wario (new pose), and Boo have sold out on Amazon. They’re all currently up on Best Buy, but it’s possible they’ll drop out of stock too.

All of this could be a “Toad situation,” mind (which is what also happened with the original Diddy). Back during the original Mario amiibo line release, Toad was rare for roughly a month, and then came back in plentiful stock. So this could be just a false alarm, but if  you’re a collector, think about locking them up when you can.

Chris Carter
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