Producer shares details for upcoming Mega Man Legacy Collection

‘Each game has a save slot’

Just a few days ago Capcom announced the Mega Man Legacy Collection for 3DS, PC, PS4, and Xbox One — it’ll hit those platforms digitally later this year for $14.99. We already knew a few tidbits like the fact that it would include some artwork, a museum collection mode, and a challenge mode, but thanks to Digital Eclipse (who is handling the port) producer Frank Cifaldi we have some extra information.

For instance, each game in the collection will have its own save slot, all of the art will be previously seen items (mostly from the MM25 art book), there will be three filter options (none, RGB, and NTSC), you can stretch to 16:9, no content will be added or altered to the core games themselves, and an “expert” was contracted to assist for the audio.

We still don’t know if the 3DS version will actually be in 3D yet, and Cifaldi calls this more of a passion project to venerate the original six NES games rather than a cash grab. No new art is a bummer, but I’m really hoping the challenge mode is worth it.

Frank Cifaldi [Twitter via Rockman Corner]

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