Post packed full of videos

So its not the best article title, but its straight to the point, okay?Black Shark created a really cool video called the 1K Project II using thousands of replays from the game, Trackmania. Each replay was added together in one giant replay that featured all the cars racing together. I know this is old but I just had to post it for the Dtoid readers. This video is so cool, because all the old gameplay footage of the old NES games brings back so many memories. I owned so many of these games like Bart Simpson Vs. Space Mutants, Bubble Bobble and Hudson’s Island. Try to name them all if you can. Note: This game is called Super Nintendo will make your eyes go square, but the guy is playing an original NES and NES games.A unique voice version of the music from Super Mario Bros. I think the group singing is called Redefinement.This is a collection of Mario animations from a bunch of commercials featured over the years. I love the tech Mario song playing over top of the video. I never knew Princess Daisy was so down with today’s music.