Pokemon Sun & Moon will take up 26,214 blocks each on your SD card


So uh, if you haven’t upgraded your 3DS’ SD card, you may want to sit down. Ready?

According to the official website for Pokemon Sun & Moon, each game will take up approximately 26,215 blocks, or, 3.2GB. So if you’re going for the digital editions (and I know a lot of people who did both for X & Y), you better plan accordingly and clear out lots of space in the next month or so.

The size of the upcoming demo is around 400MB, and the site warns that “you probably can’t hold the main game and the demo with a 4GB card,” after you account for system files and the magical lost space. File sizes aren’t exactly the most riveting reading material, I know, but as someone who could fill up three 32GB cards with my 3DS gaming library, I know the pain of having to choose what to delete off of it to make room — and now you have time!

Pokemon Sun & Moon – Projected File Size [Serebii]

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