Pokemon Sun & Moon launching November 18, with new adorable starters

Help, Rowlet has stolen my heart

Nintendo just dropped a new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon, unveiling five brand new Pokemon, the first in-game footage, and most importantly of all, the global release dates.

Grass/Flying-type Rowlet, fire-type Litten, and water-type Popplio will be our starter choices in the new generation, and they’re all absolutely adorable. I can feel my heart melting just looking at them… oh god, they’re so cute! We’ve also finally been shown the two legendary mascots for the versions. Neither of their names have been announced, but Sun has a white lion, and Moon has a bat-dreamcatcher-thing. Pokemon can be weird sometimes, just go with it.

Finally, it’s been confirmed Pokemon Sun & Moon will release on November 18 in North America, and November 23 in the EU for the 3DS. Not too long to wait now!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and cry because of how cute Rowlet is. Which will you choose?

Joe Parlock