Pokemon Shuffle is (Rapi)dashing over to mobile devices

Can you Diglett?

You know the Beedrill by now: Popular games usually come to multiple platforms. It’s especially true when those games are laden with microtransactions designed to wring Whiscash out of the player. It’d be Oddish if that didn’t happen.

It’s not Farfetch’d that this is the case with Pokémon Shuffle. It’s abandoning its 3DS-only ways for a Dugtrio of total platforms. The Pokémon Company announced the game’s coming to SableyeOS and Charmandroid devices sometime in 2015.

Obviously, when it releases, it’ll be Butterfree-to-play. Assuming nothing changes from the 3DS version, the game’s structure might tempt you to Celebuy hearts — that is, unless you’re fine being a total Slowpoke.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile [The Pokémon Company]

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