A new Pokemon Presents is on the way for Pokemon Day 2022

Pokemon Presents

What new horizons await for the world of Pokemon?

The Pokemon Company is hosting a new Pokemon Presents showcase this Sunday, coinciding with Pokemon Day.

As announced on the Japanese Pokemon Twitter account, a broadcast will air on Feb. 27, a.k.a. Pokemon Day—the anniversary of the launch of Pokemon Red and Green. The tweet specifies 23:00 JST, which would be 9 a.m. ET / 6 a.m. PT.

There’s some more details on the official site, where it says the Pokemon Presents broadcast will be pre-recorded and run about 14 minutes. Not all the official channels have shared the news yet, so info on where any international broadcasts will stream is up in the air.

As for what might get shown off, it’s all speculation for now. Pokemon Legends: Arceus only just launched at the end of January. DLC might be a hope for the Arceus fans, but it might be too soon.

A new generation of Pokemon games would also be a major surprise. I’d mostly be looking towards other projects, like Pokemon Unite, for reveals and announcements. Keep in mind, there are plenty of games outside the mainline series.

Previous Pokemon Presents announcements have included dates for side games, revamps of games like Pokemon Cafe. But on the flip side, last year’s Pokemon Presents around the same time was where the Diamond/Pearl remakes and Arceus were locked in.

You can never really rule anything out for these broadcasts. It will be Pokemon Day, and who knows what’s next for this long-running series. We’ll find out more of what The Pokemon Company has in store on Feb. 27, 2022.

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