How to Change Pokémon Nicknames in Scarlet & Violet

But you can call me Dallas

One of the longstanding traditions of the Pokémon franchise is the ability to give your Pokémon their own unique nicknames. Not only is this a way for players to further bond with their ‘mon, but it helps keep your pocket monsters straight when you’re speed-running through the games with a team of over-leveled Jigglypuffs. Now, not every player is down with giving their Pokemon nicknames, and if you don’t think it’s for you at first, don’t worry–you can always change your mind later.

In Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, it’s incredibly easy to give your Pokémon a nickname. Similar to other games in the series, you’ll have to option to do so right when you catch a new ‘mon to add to your Pokédex. If you miss this opportunity or simply can’t think of a clever nickname on the spot, you can always change their name afterward by diving into the menu. If you want to change your Pokémon’s nickname, here’s what you do:

pokemon nicknames

1. Open the menu

Press the Y button to open the game’s main menu. This will give you a look at all the Pokémon in your party.

violet menu

2. Choose the Pokémon you want to rename

Scroll to the Pokémon whose name you want to change and select “Check summary.”


3. Press the X button to rename that Pokémon

The Check Summary page is incredibly useful. Not only does it have detailed information about each Pokémon, but it allows them to relearn old moves without having to go to some random NPC out in the open world. It also allows you to change their nickname. All you need to do is press the X button to open the digital keyboard.

nickname change

4. Change the Pokémon nickname (and remember to save)

Now all you need to do is give your Pokémon that sweet nickname you thought up long after you first captured them (as long as it’s less than 12 characters long). Just make sure you don’t press the X button here as it’ll back out of the menu option. When you have your chosen nickname set, press the + button to save.

greek smoliv

With that, you have renamed your Pokémon. And you can do it again and again if you think of better, more clever nicknames later on. Just try not to do anything inappropriate. These games are rated “E for Everyone” after all.

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